Interior Painting

Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is the most important aspect to achieving the desired results for a professional painting project. However, the preparation phase is the most labor intensive and many times contractors are tempted to take shortcuts.

But not at Aaron Lakins Home Decorators!
The Aaron Lakins Home Decorators team are craftsmen who are proud of the work they perform. To achieve the level of quality they demand of themselves, proper surface preparation is never taken lightly or shortcuts taken.

Our Process:

  • Completely cover your floors and furniture with drop cloths and plastic.
  • Repairing any cracks, dents and nail pops in your ceilings and walls.
  • Use a vacuum sanding system with all extensive wall repairs, so dust is kept to a minium.
  • Pole sand the walls for a smooth look and finish.
  • Tape off baseboards to protect from falling paint speckles.
  • Apply two coats of paint to assure the highest durability, best look and longevity.
  • Thoroughly cleanup and Critique the project to assure the highest customer satisfaction.

These are very important steps to our process. Sure, this detailed process may be more costly, but down the line, when paint performance depends on proper surface preparation—it will be money well invested in your home..

Just as important, Aaron Lakin Home Decorators understands that we are guests on your property and in your home. We treat your property and furnishings with respect and care.

Premium Products
Aaron Lakins Home Decorators will always recommend Benjamin Moore Paints for the interior of your home. We have found that Benjamin Moore will give the interior of your home a superior finish for appearance, durability and longevity.

If you have another paint company preference, we’ll be happy to discuss this with you

A custom and artistic look for your walls

Highly endorsed by Aaron Lakins Home Decorators, but not associated with, is artist Diane Hynes. Diane Hynes will give your home that custom artistic look like no other. Her theory is, she is an artist using a wall, instead of canvas. You will find that her murals are amazing and extremely detailed. From a simple faux finish to a custom hand painted mural, she covers so much more than just straight paint on your walls. So, with all that said, take the time to view her online gallery at